GamesCon to PS3 Slim: Be There or Be Square

August 5, 2009Written by Steven Garcia


Things are really starting to heat up here and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be excited. In the midst of  price drops, disappearing units, and increasing production, RTLinfo suggests wholesalers know the real scoop

According to the Belgian news site, European retailers are being told to prepare for a €100 price drop of the 80GB model. Not only that, but those who we assume are in the know report, or rather confirm, that the official announcement of the PS3 Slim will be made at GamesCon during Sony’s press conference on August 18th.

Of course the author of the article fails to cite a source, but considering the sudden influx of PS3 and Slim related events that have occurred, could this be any more probable? Feel free to place your bets in the comments.