PSA: Pre-Owned PS3 Super Slim 500GB Units Going for $90 at GameStop

If you’re looking to replace your dying PlayStation 3 or just want to pick up one for the holidays to dust off those old games, then head over to GameStop’s website. The retailer is selling refurbished 500GB Super Slim units for $89.99 (thanks, Destructoid). Worth noting that although we’ve seen 160GB consoles going for this price before, these are the relatively newer, 500GB Super Slim versions available at the lowest price you can find right now (down from $150).

The deal is online only so head over here to nab it. You have a choice between black, red, and white colors at the time of this writing.

Are any of our readers still playing games on the PS3 or plan to grab this deal? Let us know. If you’re not interested in the older console then make sure to check out our Holiday 2016 gift guide for an idea of what you can pick up from among the current-gen offerings.