Sony Annual Report 2009: Not All Bad News

August 5, 2009Written by Steven Garcia


Despite possibly setting a record for the amount of times it mentioned “loss” and being a prime example of how fast numbers can shrink, Sony’s recently released 2009 Annual Report [PDF] still contained plenty of good news for gamers.

A common theme throughout the report of networked hardware brought reassurance to Sony’s long term plan of creating various products that not only connect to one another, but also to the PlayStation Network, stating:

“Going forward, we will expand these networked services to a variety of Sony consumer electronic products.”

Undeterred from their acknowledgment that worldwide PS2 hardware sales have declined (by half), Sony stated that they will continue to support the PS2 business, citing firm Middle Eastern and Asian demand as well as the systems ability to continue contributing profits.

Attributing to the reported 70% decrease in PlayStation3 productions costs, the report stated:

“…efforts to shrink the CELL/B.E. progressed according to plan as the original 90nm generation gave way to 65nm and then 45nm devices. Through this, as well as through ongoing efforts to reduce the number of components used, Sony will endeavor to further improve profitability.”

I wonder how they’ll be able to achieve that.