Batman: Arkham Asylum Gets Insanely Viral In Its Marketing Campaign


When I arrived at work on Monday (at Fry’s Electronics), I instantly noticed some interesting ID cards scattered about my PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 aisles. Interestingly enough no vendors came into the store all day which is a sign of viral marketing done by someone posing as a customer.

These Arkham Asylum security access cards were scattered about with a mug shot of Frank Boles. When I asked my store’s PlayStation rep about these security cards, he had no idea what they were and quickly came to the conclusion that they were a form of viral marketing for Batman: Arkham Asylum.


The card has an 800 phone number on the back (1-888-8ARKHAM) along with a website, I did some research to find out more about these cards, but alas, there is very little info on them other than that they originated out of Comic-Con ’09. Also these cards popped up at various Best Buy locations, which is a sign that this was a national campaign.