Batman: Arkham City Reportedly Sold More Than 12.5 Million Units

Unsurprisingly, Batman: Arkham City proved quite the big hit when it launched in October 2011. The Arkham Asylum sequel sold over two million copies in its first week on the market. By February 2012, the number had eclipsed a staggering six million. And, apparently, the Bat’s second outing from Rocksteady went on to reach double that amount in terms of sales. New information regarding sales data suggests Arkham City shifted approximately 12.5 million units, in turn generating over $600 million in revenue.

Twitter user Timur222 spotted the updated sales figures via a LinkedIn post from a former Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Global Franchise Marketing Manager. According to this person’s profile, they worked within the division from January 2010 to October 2012. See Timur222’s tweet below:

As you can see, the ex-Marketing Manager’s list of achievements notes details about the sales data in question. It isn’t exactly clear how up to date the 12.5 million figure is with regards to games sold, though. After all, the post features no clarification as to whether the number on display includes Arkham City’s Game of the Year Edition, which launched in September 2012.

Regardless, 12.5 million copies sold and $600 million in revenue is nothing to scoff at, especially in 2011 with a superhero game. In fact, Arkham City counts as the second best-selling superhero title in the US, according to the NPD. It’s lengthy reign in the top spot was overthrown last summer by Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Now fans patiently await news of a new Batman title, which will reportedly come from Arkham Origins developer–WB Games Montréal. Allegedly, Rocksteady is hard at work on a Suicide Squad game of some sort.

[Source: LinkedIn, Timur222 on Twitter via PC Gamer]