Sony Puts Final Nail in Backwards Compatibility Coffin

August 26, 2009Written by Jonathan Leack


Prior to the announcement of the PS3 Slim, many speculated that the new PS3 model would come with backward compatibility built-into the system. Unfortunately, that speculation proved false when Sony announced the new PS3 Slim model last week.

Even after that, rumors have been floating around that backward compatibility will be making its way onto PS3s with an upcoming firmware update. Recently, Sony’s Director of hardware marketing, John Keller, confirmed that the backward compatibility rumors can be laid to rest.

During the interview, John Keller stated:

“It’s not coming back, so let me put that on the table. But it’s all people ever talk about!”

“It’s not as big as a purchase intent driver as you may be hearing. We’ve got such a substantial lineup of titles on the PS3; most people are buying the PS3 for PS3 games. They’ve buying it for PS3 games and Blu-ray movies.”

“[Backwards compatibility] won’t be returning.”

In Sony’s defense, the PlayStation 2 is still selling well and to give PS2 backward compatibility to every PS3 would more than likely kill PS2 sales. Also, Sony is trying to drive their Blu-Ray format, and to include PS2 backward compatibility would give the PS2 and DVD formats a boost.

So that’s it guys. If you want to play PS2 games, be sure not to sell your PS2, and remember to take care of it!

*Editor’s note: John Keller also denied the existence of the PSP Go, so take it as you will.