PS3 Review – Mini Ninjas


Mini Ninjas comes from the developers that brought us Hitman and Kane and Lynch. Now with Mini Ninjas going in a different direction and targeting a new audience can it succeed where some of the other games stumbled, or is it destined to be mediocre?

Mini Ninjas follows a group of young Ninjas and there quest to bring back piece to earth. The head master has sent out each of his ninjas in a attempt to destroy the Evil Samurai and restore piece to the world; which is on the brink of chaos. You begin your journey as Hiro the youngest, but most promising ninja. All of your friends have been sent out and none have returned.

Reluctantly, your Head Master decides to hurry up with your training and send you and your closest friend Futo to find out not only what has happened to the other ninjas, but also stop the Evil Samurai from corrupting the world. Throughout Hiro’s journey, he will have to travel through dark forests, float through flooded villages, and venture across snow covered mountains. Hiro will encounter many enemies along his way. Most are stupid, but some are quite fearsome and difficult.


The gameplay in Mini Ninjas is extremely fun because there is just so much variety. From fighting enemies, to floating through rapids in your hat, it is all very well done and fun to pull off. Throughout the game, you come across plenty of things to collect as well. You collect flowers, mushrooms, and stones so that you can create different potions such as a healing potion, or a potion that will protect you from arrows. There are also statues to collect, animals to rescue from cages and money hidden throughout each level.

Hiro will be added by his friends who you rescue along the way. Once you find and rescue your friends you gain the ability to fight  as them. When you hold L1 you bring up a menu with all of your ninjas simply select the one you want and with a puff a smoke you become them.

Unfortunately there is only one ninja on the screen at a time, so you have to pick and  choose who to use. The issues are that Hiro is an extremely talented fighter, is the only one that can use magic and  the only one that can fight the bosses; so it seems pointless to use the other ninjas. Sure they all have their talents ones an archer, another has a flute that will put your enemies in a trance when played and another is a big guy with a hammer that can handle the bigger enemies. The issue is it really is just more beneficial to stick with Hiro the whole time.