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A PSP Of a Different Color

September 30, 2009Written by Kishen Patel


While the PSPgo has been stealing the spotlight as of late, the PSP-3000 is still on the market and receiving the PSP title lineup love. However, despite UMD’s still being distributed  for the former PSP models, the actual handhelds are getting updates as well.


Just announced at this years Tokyo Game Show, the PSP-3000 is expanding its line of color choices as seen above. Launching in Japan at the new lowered price of ¥16,800,  these new PSP-3000 colors will be released on October 1st–the same date as another particular PlayStation handheld.

Do you think these PSP colors will hit the US? And more importantly, would you purchase on of these over the PSPgo? Post your thoughts in the comments below.