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September 30, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


Welcome to the PSPgo Launch Center

Tomorrow, Sony’s brand new, UMD-free, download only PSPgo hits store shelves across the globe. The latest iteration of the PlayStation Portable platform has undergone many changes.  What follows is our PSPgo Launch Center which aims to answer any questions you may have, or haven’t thought of. Arm yourself with the benefits of our research and knowledge about the PSPgo.

voucher-psp-go1The PSPgo has eliminated the UMD drive, all software will be available for download via the PlayStation Store. Launch day promises over 16,000 pieces of digital content from day one, with more content being made available weekly. The PS Store accepts most major credit cards, PlayStation Network cards, or PSP game vouchers from participating retailers.

The device features a sliding screen which functions while open and closed. The PSPgo’s 3.8 inch screen slides up to reveal the action buttons, D-pad and analog nub, along with the select and start buttons. The PS button, as well as the volume buttons are on the face of the system so they can be easily accessed while it’s in its closed position. Gaming is also possible while the unit is closed, by using the L and R shoulder buttons. Developers are already working on games that utilize only the L and R buttons, including the upcoming LocoRoc0: Midnight Carnival.

The PSPgo has a few tricks up it’s sleeve that its larger brethren does not. For instance, the universal “Pause Game” feature, which allows you to press the PS button to save the current state of progress and head back to the XMB. When ready to hop back into the game where it left off, just select “Resume Game” from the XMB.  Other features include a clock, and calender which appear on the screen in it’s closed state when the PSPgo is not being used for watching movies, playing games, etc.

PSPgo Launch Center

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