Darksiders Release Date Slipping to Late 2010 [Update]

Vigil Games Darksiders has been quietly building steam since E3 2008.  As God of War’s backdrop is Greece, Dante’s Inferno is Hell, Darksiders makes the apocolypse the star of the show.  As one of the Horsemen you are tasked to discover why the end times were brought on early.

Their is no official information from THQ or Vigil games directly, but certain press outlets and retailers are showing Darksiders may be getting an August 2010 release. This would make sense as the release date has been reported previously for January 2010.  Dante’s Inferno is scheduled for February 2010 and God of War III is scheduled for March 2010.  This wouldn’t be the optimal release window considering so many well known and similar competitors that will be occupying the shelves.


False alarm as the reference has been updated.  Darksiders still slated for January 2010.