Sony and Netflix Form Partnership to Bring Flix to PS3

October 26, 2009Written by Jonathan Leack


While the PlayStation 3 has offered various functions and capabilities that no other console can offer, the other consoles have a few special offerings as well. One of the offering on the Xbox 360 console for the past few years has been Netflix. Netflix is a service that distributes DVD and Blu-Ray both via mail and through online services such as the Xbox Live and the Netflix site itself. However, according to a new announcement it seems that the PlayStation 3 stand among the various distribution methods that Netflix offers.

Sonyhas just announced that Netflix will be coming to the PlayStation 3 soon. The official site states that the service will have an entry level fee of only $8.99/month, and there will more than likely be other subscription options as well. On top of the official announcement, Steve Swasey the Vice President of Corporate Communications at Netflix stated the following:

“We’re excited to announce today that Netflix and Sony have partnered to bring you thousands of movies and TV episodes streamed instantly from Netflix to your TV via your PS3 system at no extra charge. When the application launches next month, you’ll be able to access and watch thousands of Netflix choices directly through the XMB. We think that the nearly nine million PS3 enthusiasts and 11.1 million Netflix members in the U.S. will make quite a match.”

With this new multi-million member service becoming available on the PlayStation 3, Sony has managed to make a truly well-rounded piece of multimedia hardware that can provide all forms of media and entertainment. The official release date of the service is yet to be announced, but stay tuned on PSLS to find out when it becomes available the moment it does.