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LocoRoco Midnight Carnival Fact Sheet


LocoRoco™ Midnight Carnival


Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.

Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment Japan

Platform: PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) system

Genre: Platform/Action

Release Date: October 29, 2009

Players: 1-4 players (Single-player and Multi-player Ad Hoc)

ESRB Rating: E (comic mischief)


The follow-up to the popular PSP™ (Playstation®Portable) exclusives, LocoRoco™ and LocoRoco™2, LocoRoco™ Midnight Carnival features the return of the mischievous Bui Bui who have invited the LocoRoco to their biggest challenge yet – The Midnight Carnival.  Acclaimed for its simple and intuitive controls, captivating universal art style and “feel good” factor, LocoRoco became an instant PSP classic.  To continue that tradition, LocoRoco Midnight Carnival will now have you exploding into the air through an ever-tilting world that literally has you bouncing off the walls!

Utilizing the beloved and innovative controls from the original, players utilize the PSP’s “L” and “R” shoulder buttons to “tilt” or “bump” the LocoRoco’s landscape to help them navigate through the level and keep them out of harm’s way.  LocoRoco Midnight Carnival introduces several new elements of gameplay including a new “super jump” ability that allows players to chain explosive jumps and bounce off walls for additional points.    In addition, players can now challenge friends in all 16 levels to see who can achieve the highest scores in multiplayer or play the same levels via ad-hoc co-op mode.  LocoRoco Midnight Carnival also features, two new mini-games (BuiBui Crane and LocoBall), global leaderboards accessed via infrastructure mode, and unlockable visual accessories that may enhance LocoRoco’s performance!


  • SIMPLE AND INTUITIVE CONTROLS – Roll, Bounce and Tilt the LocoRoco through a vibrantly animated world by simply using the PSP’s shoulder buttons “L” and “R”!
  • BRAND NEW STAGES WITH NEW CONTENT – 16 Colorful New Stages filled with hidden items to collect.
  • 2 NEW MINI-GAMES – Play LocoBall and try to get LocoRoco to fall into various locations for bonus points, or play BuiBui Crane and try to match the color of the target LocoRoco for better results!
  • ADDED BONUS LEVEL – Players can earn a bonus level to collect Pickories, which can be used to ask the BuiBui to bring you checkpoints, or to purchase accessories to equip to LocoRoco.
  • NEW SUPER JUMP ABILITY – BOING! – Navigate through levels by exploding into the air and bouncing off walls for extra points and to find new, hidden places!
  • MORPH YOUR ENVIRONMENT – Stay round to roll, become slim to squeeze through narrow passages, and disassemble into smaller LocoRoco to collectively pass through small crevasses and paths.  Eat to increase the size and quantity of LocoRoco and to gain access to secret areas and hidden rewards.
  • SIGNATURE MUSIC – Captivating, light-hearted original songs communicate the joyous world of LocoRoco.