LocoRoco 2 Remastered Trophies Include a Platinum, View Full List

December 6, 2017Written by Tyler Treese

locoroco 2 remastered trophies

LocoRoco 2 Remastered is bouncing its way to PlayStation 4 this week (it’s oddly being released on a Saturday), and now players know what they have to do to get the game’s Platinum trophy. The full trophy list has gone up on PlayStation Network, and players will have to complete the MuiMui House and confront Galanmar in order to get the Platinum prize. The enhanced port will feature 4K graphics, and the aforementioned trophy support.

Check out the full list of LocoRoco 2 Remastered trophies below:


  • Let’s Sing Together!

    Unlock all other trophies.


  • Keep Your Planet Clean

    Confront Galanmar after cleaning up all of his mess!
  • Stamp Collector

    Complete all of the Stamp Sheets.
  • MuiMui House Complete

    Complete the MuiMui House.
  • LocoRhythm

    Complete the list of songs available in the MuiMui House!
  • Danger Is My Trade

    Complete BuiBui Fort 3 with all 20 LocoRoco!


  • Got Your Nose!

    Defeat the mutated Bonmucho!
  • Perfect Rhythm

    Get a perfect score on one of the song challenges!
  • Bye Bye, BuiBui

    Unlock and complete a challenge to race against the BuiBui’s best!
  • The Lost King

    Unlock and complete a challenge to find the MuiMui King!
  • Butterfly Buddy

    Unlock and complete a challenge to bring the butterflies safely home!
  • Philatelist

    Collect at least 14 Stamp Sheets!
  • Returning Chuppa Champion

    Successfully complete the Chuppa Chuppa maze!
  • LocoRodeo

    Get 4 consecutive wins in a game of Loco Rider.
  • Triple Bouncer

    Defeat Bonmucho!
  • Let’s Get Constructive

    Buy 15 rooms for the MuiMui House.
  • MuiMui Mansion

    Buy all 30 rooms for the MuiMui House.
  • A Poke in the Eye

    Defeat Majoline!
  • The Buddy System

    Defeat Galanmar.


  • Secret Map 3

    Collect all 3 Coarse Maps.
  • Back in Bloom

    Clean all the gross Moja muck out of any stage!
  • Because I Roll Twenties

    Complete a stage with all 20 LocoRoco friends!
  • LastRoco

    Complete a stage, but miss a single LocoRoco.
  • Musical Maven

    Collect enough notes to level up a stage!
  • Secret Map 2

    Collect all 3 Soggy Maps.
  • Secret Map 4

    Collect all 3 Smudged Maps.
  • Secret Map 1

    Collect all 3 Bumpy Maps.
  • A Little Extra Space

    Buy a new room for the MuiMui House.
  • An Eye For Talent

    Pick the first-place contender in the Loco Race!
  • Fashionable

    Buy a Furnishing for any room of the MuiMui House.
  • Smack-A-Moja

    Earn more than 2,000 points in a game of Nyokki NyoNyokki.
  • Whacked!

    Hit all 3 Nyokkis in a game of Nyokki NyoNyokki.
  • BuiBui Buster

    Destroy the BuiBui Battleship in a game of BuiBui BwoooooN!

Will you be going for the Platinum trophy when LocoRoco 2 Remastered releases on December 9, 2017?

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