God of War Series Resurrected in Under 3 Months


Backward compatibility has been an issue that both Sony and the PlayStation 3 have faced since the console’s inception. However, when the God of War Collection was announced for the PlayStation 3, many saw it as the emergence of a solution to the problem. What may surprise some is the low cost of such a solution.

The mere concept of PlayStation 2 titles remastered on the PlayStation 3 with additional content has given rise to some great possibilities. Coupled with the potential is that fact that according to Santa Monica Studio’s very own director of product development, John Hight, the development time was surprisingly short and successful.

“It [development] lasted 15 weeks and we went into manufacturing 2 days ahead of schedule with no issues.”

For developers in the industry who produced PlayStation 2 games, the quick production time and low resource cost required for a port to the PlayStation 3 looks very enticing. The success of the God of War Collection may pave the way for other PS2 classics making their way to the PS3.

The God of War Collection is set to release on November 17, 2009 at a budget friendly price of $39.99.