Heavy Rain Dev Forecasts PS3 Sales Storm


When Heavy Rain was announced by Quantic Dream in 2006, many consumers showed interest in the game, but a great deal of time has since passed, and the game has drifted from the radar of many mainstream gamers. Heavy Rain has been considered a niche title by some due to its slow gameplay and deeply involving plot. However, the director and development team at Quantic Dream think otherwise and believe that Heavy Rain will stand among a small handful of system sellers for the PlayStation 3.

During a recent interview with David Cage, the director of Heavy Rain, he expressed that consumer feedback and his instincts indicate that Heavy Rain will be a PlayStation 3 system seller. David Cage stated the following:

“This experience should be available exclusively on PlayStation 3, and we want people to buy a PlayStation 3 because of Heavy Rain. We’re really happy at the moment–and I hope it’s going to last–that when we go onto forums we find people watching the trailers and stuff and saying, ‘This is the game that’s going to make me buy a PlayStation 3.'”

While Heavy Rain might not be a standard-fare title, its intriguing style of play has been the center of some media attention. It doesn’t sound too far-fetched for the title to sell PlayStation 3 consoles if it gets strong positive reviews and both consumer and media attention. Judging by gameplay, interviews, and trailers, Heavy Rain should end up being a unique title that both impresses and entertains.

Heavy Rain has a suggested release date of early 2010.