Quantic Dream to Explore Motion Control in “the near future”

Sony’s Motion Controller system was announced at this year’s E3, showing true 1:1 control and camera mapping, with a mixture of the special controller and the PlayStation Eye. At the Tokyo Game Show, Sony detailed several games that would use the motion sensor, including a Resident Evil game. Now, at this year’s Eurogamer Expo, PlayStation LifeStyle managed to ask Quantic Dream‘s CEO, and writer and director of Heavy Rain, David Cage, about his views on the new Motion Controller.

The French developer told PSLS that Quantic Dream had already “had a chance to play with some prototypes”, due to their “relationship with Sony”, and that they “really enjoy it”. He continued that Quantic Dream “believe that there is something really unique and interesting in this device”, and teased that “this is certainly something we are going to explore in the near future”. While Heavy Rain will not include motion control support, the game does use the SIXAXIS sensor to make player interaction more realistic.

Check out the full video interview with David Cage here.