Portal 2 Gameplay Clips Will Warp Your Senses

In an effort to bring more attention the already hyped Portal 2, Valve has been releasing gameplay clips that demonstrate just how far they are willing to take this challenge. And believe me, it’s one heck of ride.

by Ray Conley
July 1st, 2010

Watch GDC Live

Games Developers Conference 2010 marks the first major gaming event of the year, with numerous new titles rumored to be revealed, as well as juicy new details about the PlayStation Motion Controller set to be announced. T watch Sony’s biggest GDC since 2007, check out a live feed of the entire conference after the link.

by Sebastian Moss
March 10th, 2010

Twisted Trailer Coming for Jaffe’s Next Game

Eat Sleep Play, a small, independent games company spearheaded by the infamous developer and God of War creator David Jaffe, has been teasing its second game, out of a three game exclusive deal with Sony, for some time. Although it is heavily rumored to be a Twisted Metal game, very little has actually been announced about the title, despite Jaffe’s talkative reputation. However, this may all be set to change, as, according to a tweet from Eat Sleep Play’s official twitter page, an exciting new video about the game is set to be released.

by Sebastian Moss
January 27th, 2010

PSLS Presents – Seth Luisi, Director of Development, Zipper Interactive

At MAG256, an event that focused on the MAG’s ability to have 256 players on one map, in one game, at the same time, PlayStationLifeStyle interviewed Seth Luisi, Director of Development, SCEA, currently working on MAG with Zipper Entertainment, about the title, the process behind making the game, and the future plans of MAG.

by Sebastian Moss
January 25th, 2010
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