Rumor: Borderlands 2 DLC Releasing During E3 2019 as a Bridge into Borderlands 3

As we hit terminal velocity towards Borderlands 3’s September release date, it turns out the big numbered entry might not have been the only thing that Gearbox has been hard at work on. A trusted anonymous source with first-hand knowledge has hinted to us that we just might see more Borderlands 2 content in a couple of weeks, a DLC expansion to bridge the gap between the end of Borderlands 2 and the beginning of Borderlands 3.

Titled Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary, the upcoming Borderlands 2 expansion will allow players to get in one last hurrah, and sate the thirst for Borderlands that you might be feeling for the next few months. Our source tells us that the Borderlands 2 DLC will be dropping sometime during E3 week, so if you need to redownload the game and get it updated in preparation, you might want to start now. It’s unknown what platforms this will be for. PS4, Xbox One, and PC will presumably take priority, but there’s no word on if the DLC will also come to the PSVR or last-gen versions of the game.

Lilith was one of the playable vault hunters in the first game, and has since been a recurring character across the series. Footage from Borderlands 3 shows that she’s alive and well (maybe… one quick scene does show her missing the iconic Siren tattoos), continuing to recruit Crimson Raiders to investigate the mysterious Children of the Vault cult. She also shows up during some fights to help the newest vault hunters kill enemies using her fiery Siren powers, which may end up getting siphoned away by one of the lead Borderlands 3 villains.

Going purely off of the rumored title, Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary, it seems like we could get some early insight into the rise of the Children of the Vault, as well as backstory on how many of Borderlands‘ most popular characters end up on Sanctuary 3, the new ship that will take players from planet to planet. Adding to that, isn’t it curious that Borderlands 3’s new ship-turned-home-base is called Sanctuary 3, yet there isn’t historically a Borderlands location called Sanctuary 2? Could be that Commander Lilith will clear this little discrepancy up.

Either way, this is a great way to get people hyped about Borderlands again. Instead of making players wait for the next game, it seems like Gearbox wants to tide us over for a few months with brand new Borderlands 2 content that will ensure a smooth transition right into Borderlands 3.