Sony Aims to Please with Upcoming Music and Video Service Announcement

Sony has had a strong hand in the video game industry since the launch of the original PlayStation during the 90’s. However, Sony is most known for its even stronger hand in the electronic market with some of the best TVs, cameras, and more found on this side of the Milky Way. Now Sony is looking to expand with an all-new music and video service.

According to Financial Times, tomorrow during the IFA Technology Show Sony will be unveiling a new video and music service for the very first time. It is said that the service will release next year and will replace Sony Connect which closed just two years ago. More exciting is the fact that the platform is slated for release on Sony’s PlayStation platform starting with the PS3 and maybe even the PSP.

The question is, will this new service require a subscription fee? Sony already has a great hand on the video distribution market with both Netflix and Sony’s video section of the PlayStation Store, but music would be a great addition. While the new service might be geared more toward both the mobile and PC markets, the PS3 is quickly gaining notoriety for being an all-in-one media center. Check back for an official announcement sometime early tomorrow.