Dead Space Remake Gameplay Trailer

Dead Space Remake Gameplay Trailer Shows Us a Bloody Spectacle

The Dead Space remake gameplay trailer dropped today, and it illustrates the game’s gory makeover. It’s fairly brief, but the video takes us to a few familiar locations and demonstrates several combat instances with low-level necromorphs.

Dead Space remake gameplay trailer showcases combat and Ishimura makeover

The trailer shows some short and sweet sequences of Issac exploring the Ishimura and combatting a few basic necromorphs. Unfortunately, it’s just enough to tantalize, and we’re left wondering about how some aspects of the upcoming game will work.

The devs previously revealed that you’ll be able to backtrack through the Ishimura at will and that side stories and lore are being expanded. In theory, this might turn the linear plot of the original into something more freeform. If that’s the case, we’ll likely see some changes to progression that’ll make this into a very different journey. It’s also being developed as a one-take game. So, there’ll be no camera cuts or loading screens (aside from the initial one, presumably) from start to finish.

Fortunately, we don’t have too long to wait until we can see the reimagining of Issac Clarke’s journey. The Dead Space remake releases on January 27, 2023, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.