EA Games Unannounced Remake

Dead Space Remake Expands Narrative and Includes Lore from Rest of Franchise

The Dead Space remake isn’t settling for being a simple graphical update. In an EA Blog, the devs explained that while the game will hit all the main beats and events of the original, they want to expand it to include lore from across the series. They also want to give side characters more time in the spotlight with side-quests that highlight their experience on the Ishimura.

Dead Space remake will expand character backgrounds

The plot heavily referenced multiple characters in the original Dead Space without giving them much screen time. Issac’s girlfriend Nicole, for example, was the catalyst for Issac’s journey to the Ishimura, but much of her story remained untold. The same can be said for Elizabeth Cross and Jacob Temple, whose story was mostly told through log entries.

So, we may finally get to see the Ishimura crew’s descent into madness firsthand. Issac will also have a voice in the remake, like he does in the second and third games. These new narrative additions, paired with the new ability to backtrack through the Ishimura, should give the game a whole new feeling. Hopefully, it won’t lose any of its iconic appeal in the process. If so, it’ll be the definitive way to experience this horror classic.