Hogwarts Legacy ASMR Clues Easter Eggs

New Hogwarts Legacy Trailer Is a Weird ASMR Video

A new Hogwarts Legacy trailer has dropped, and it’s an ASMR video for some reason. The 20 minutes of footage take viewers around Hogwarts on a summer day, showing off in-game footage that includes a lot of trickling water — we’d recommend a bathroom break before watching!

As relaxing as it is to hear the babbling brooks and birdcalls, we’d typically wonder what the point of releasing a video like this is. However, all the footage is in-game, so you can think of this as a very slow environmental preview.

Watch the new Harry Potter ASMR trailer

The Hogwarts Legacy A Hot Summer Day ASMR video, which you can watch above, gives us a countryside soundscape while slowly panning over several areas. These are all beyond the castle grounds, and we assume we’ll be able to visit them all during the game.

One of the most important things this video does is give us a sense of scale. When Avalanche Software revealed Hogwarts Legacy, we assumed the school would be the focal point, and most of the action would take place there. However, the countryside around it seems to be a vast area, and we spotted quite a few points of interest. Perhaps the game covers more of the wizarding world than we thought?

We’re not highly versed in Harry Potter lore and geography, so we can’t spot anything too out of the ordinary in the footage. However, seeing as the game is set around a hundred years before the book series, we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an easter egg or clue hidden away in here that only the most devoted Potterhead would notice.

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