Portal 2 Introduces “Wheatley”

In a surprise announcement at E3, Gabe Newell shocked the world with a dedication-like statement to Sony and brought forth word of Portal 2 arriving to the PS3.  We were introduced to it through a presentation video, and now Valve just recently launched the first of a seven part video series to reel us into the world of Portal.

Valve’s sequel follows the events after the first Portal game, which many gamers found memorable due to the witty and humorous dialogue.  And so far, Portal 2’s latest video seems to bring the entertainment we found to love from the first.  The voice in this video was animated by Richard Lord, who is an animator for Valve.  However, his voice was used as a place holder and may not make the final cut, sadly.

Enjoy the 1st video below.  And remember to check back with PlayStation LifeStyle to catch the next six!