Atlus Invites You to Appear in Upcoming Catherine Trailer

Catherine is preparing to haunt the minds of people across North America in just two short months. The strange Atlus creation topped Japanese sales charts when it released earlier in the year, so it’s only natural that its English release will have a hype-raising trailer. But it won’t be your typical trailer, as even you can be a part of it.

Atlus has released a video on YouTube inviting fans to upload video responses answering a few simple questions. Those who adhere to the rules have a shot at being included in a portion of the upcoming North American trailer, which thousands will see. Below are the basic instructions:

1) Do you want to get married?

2) If so, and you happen to be seeing someone at the moment, to them?

3) If not, why?

Film your answers to the above, alone or with your significant other (if you’ve got the stomach for it), and upload it as a DIRECT VIDEO RESPONSE to this trailer here on YouTube. Your submission MUST be 720p in resolution, and it must adhere to a few other fine print rules, which you can read below.


Simple enough. Record yourself answering questions, upload it, and then brag to your friends when they see you all over the internet. All rules and additional details can be found on the video page provided. If you decide to upload a video, let us know and we’d love to check it out!