God of War Collection Visuals a Colossal Improvement


The epic hack-and-slasher series God of War is receiving its first collection in less than two weeks, and more information is finally starting to trickle in. The God of War Collection was announced as a composition of both God of War 1 and 2 from the PlayStation 2 platform compiled on a Blu-Ray disk with better visuals and PSN trophy support. However, judging by recent screenshots, it seems that the visual enhancement is a much larger improvement than most consumers expected.

In a recent article by IGN.com, the visuals of the original God of War were compared with the enhanced God of War Collection visuals. The PlayStation 3’s God of War Collection was a clear winner with visuals that put the original version to shame. Despite only taking 15 weeks to develop, the added support of 720p HD output has made clear improvements to both the texture quality and character model quality.

Check out the screenshot below for 1 of several screenshots in the new God of War vs. God of War Collection comparison by IGN.com. The God of War Collection has a confirmed release date of November 17th, 2009.