PSLS Presents – Charles Monroe, Naked Sky Entertainment


PlayStation LifeStyle had the opportunity to conduct an interview with the Associate Producer of Star Trek D-A-C, Naked Sky Entertainment’s Charles Monroe. Star Trek D-A-C, which released on the PSN store just yesterday, challenges players’ ability to fight in a top-down 3D arena, all the while fighting deadly battle ships! Check out the full interview after the jump.

PlayStation LifeStyle: What difficulties have you had in porting the game from the 360 to the PS3?

Monroe: We didn’t really have any difficulties with the PS3 port and we’ve found it to be a great platform for which to develop.

PSLS: What characters from the latest Star Trek movie, can we expect to see in the game?
Monroe: D-A-C is a top down space shooter so you’re not going to see a lot in the way of human characters here. However, what you will see are a fleet of ships built from film assets or based off of production art provided to us by the filmmakers. We worked hard to zero in on the personality of these vessels and we think they do the film justice.


PSLS: Does the story follow the 2009 movie, or is it just used for a few quick references?

Monroe: Neither actually. We’ve drawn inspiration from the film, but we wanted D-A-C to be able to stand on its own as a fun, pick-up and play experience.

PSLS: What audience are you appealing to, with Star Trek D-A-C?

Monroe: As big an audience as possible! Whether people have seen the film or not, we want them to have a great time blasting their friends in the Star Trek Universe.

PSLS: During production, have you consulted with any of the original cast members or production staff of the Star Trek series?

Monroe: The filmmakers have been a near constant source of support and inspiration. Bad Robot (the production studio behind the film) has done everything from getting us art reference materials to giving us feedback on the gameplay.


PSLS: Will Star Trek D-A-C appeal to non-Star Trek fans?

Monroe: I think anybody interested in watching space ships explode is going to have a good time with D-A-C. We’ve got that in spades!

PSLS: How has Sony been during production? Does Naked Sky Entertainment have a good working relationship with Sony?

Monroe: Sony has been extraordinarily helpful throughout this process and they’ve really done a great deal to help us make D-A-C the game we wanted. A big shout out to Norman Wang and Sony dev relations for all their support!

PSLS: Do you guys have any plans for future downloadable content?

Monroe: The PSN release is already a vastly expanded version of the original XBLA title. Since May, we’ve added a new mode, new maps and two additional ship classes. In a way, PSN users are already getting downloadable content, only it’s packed in with their first release.


PSLS: Finally, was there any huge idea or concept, you guys thought of in pre-production, but were never able to put into the final game?

Monroe: Wormholes. These were snaking tunnels that connected various points in the level. You would access a wormhole by flying over the entrance and then diving into the screen. The view would change to a 3rd person chase cam reminiscent of S.T.U.N. Runner or the bonus levels from Sonic 2. You could fight or collect bonus items while in a wormhole, and then pop out clear across the level. It was sort of a quick transit system for larger levels and added a very unique twist to CTF gameplay.

Best part is that you could see other players way off in the distance zipping through space/time on their way to some other section of the level. Unfortunately, we ran out of time on polishing this feature, so it had to be cut from the final game.