Comet Crash Update Crash Lands on PSN

Comet Crash

A free update is now available for the PSN-Exclusive Comet Crash, the tower defense game with an equal focus on offense.

Comet Crash has players defend a base against onslaughts of enemies, then turn to the offensive and try to take down the enemy.  The game features a lengthy campaign with 28 levels, as well as co-op and multiplayer modes.

According to the PS Blog, the update, 1.03 will include the following:

  • “Expert” difficulty setting for seasoned Comet Crash players.
  • 4 new Resurgence levels — one unlocked at the end of each comet during the Campaign.
  • 4 new Battle maps.
  • Battle timer setting. After the timer runs out, all mobile units generate at 8x the normal rate.
  • Thorium setting to tweak available resources in Battle mode.

[viddler id=2bde9cae&w=437&h=265]

This update is completely free, so this is an ideal time to take the plunge on Comet Crash.  Those who already own the game can simply start the game to get the update.