Yakuza 4 Oils Up New Masseuse, Yakuza 3 U.S. Release Still Uncertain

For many U.S. gamers the name Mari Yaguchi may not ring any bells. Despite being an avid gamer, a current writer for Famitsu magazine as well as hired to promote Nintendo’s World of Goo, Mari Yaguchi seems to be quite busy these days. Miss Yaguchi will soon have another bullet point to add on to her resume as she has been selected to star in the next game in the popular Ryu Ga Gotoku series (Yakuza in the West).

Set to star in Yakuza 4, Miss Yaguchi will play as (coincidentally) Mari who works at a massage parlor that players can visit in the game to regain their health. Miss Yaguchi’s role sees the departure of the previous game’s masseuse (played by trans-sexual Ayana Tsubaki).

While the release of Yakuza 3 for U.S. gamers is still very much up in the air, Japanese gamers will already be receiving the fourth game in the series some time next year. The fact that Sega has remained mum on the topic of a U.S. release at all has been cause for stress for many Yakuza fans; even so far as to create an online petition to get the game to release in the States.

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