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Bioshock Fan Art Lands Gamer a Job at Insomniac


It’s one thing for a gamer to support their favorite titles by, well, purchasing them (as apposed to pirating the titles) but it’s another thing when a fan shows their affection for a video game through an artistic homage to a favorite video game. Well that is exactly what this gamer did and it attracted the attention of a developer—but not  the developer he was expecting to impress.

BioShock aficionado, Ben Mauro,  crafted some impressive artwork in honor of 2K’s first-person shooter. While 2K representatives commented on the student’s love for their series, they didn’t exactly hire him as a designer—but Insomniac Games did.

The confirmation of employment came directly from Ben Mauro’s LinkedIn profile which lists current work for “Insomniac Games” as a “Concept Designer” which used to read “R3” (presumably Resistance 3) yet still lists work for “RCF2” (obviously Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time). Still, it’s great to see developers like Insomniac giving the gaming community the credit they deserve.