Vanquish was a Favorite of Insomniac Employees at E3

July 10, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

The team behind one of the best action titles of this generation, Bayonetta, recently announced the upcoming sci-fi action title named Vanquish. Platinum Games’ upcoming title debuted with an intense action trailer featuring thrilling game mechanics and an artistic design reminiscent of Bayonetta. The title managed to impress many at the recent E3 2010 convention including the popular team over at Insomniac Games.

Several members of the Insomniac Games team including Joel Goodsell, Senior Designer and Paul Featherstone, Community Specialist, had lots of positive to say about Vanquish in their recent blog posts. Tools Programmer at Insomniac, Giac Veltri, posted the following:

My favorite game at E3 was Vanquish. First, I had no idea it even existed. Second, it looked awesome. Third, the demo was a lot of fun – action-packed and full of spectacle. Plus, it’s in the sci-fi shooter genre, which is something that I’m always into.

Given that the PlayStation 3 has been made lead platform for the title, this is a game that PS3 owners should look forward to. The Platinum Games team has a great track record and lots of talented people on staff including the original creator of Resident Evil himself.

You can read more impressions from the Insomniac Games team on their official blog.