Vanquish Details Drop Down to Earth

Vanquish, the newest Platinum Games title courtesy of Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, is coming this winter onto PlayStation 3. What we know of the game so far is that it involves a Russian attack on the United States, using a “hijacked solar satellite, and … that’s pretty much it. So then it’s exciting to the newest details on Vanquish, which is sounding better every time we hear about it.

Courtesy of the April 2010 edition of Play Generation magazine, new details on Vanquish have emerged. From the sounds of these details, the game is going to be a graphical powerhouse, have similar giant bosses found in Bayonetta, and is to be downright awesome.

• Sam Gideon and his team mates sprint at high speed from one cover to another

• Huge battleships fly over the battlefield (a space station) and crash on it

• Sam’s white armor pulse with green lights like it’s alive, while some sections of the armor open, slide, shapeshift

• Even the weapon changes and it’s a feast or the eyes

• The boost ability enables the player to move lightning fast across the battleield, and you can end the run with a Guile like somersault like in the ace of the enemies

• There are multiple kind of grenades, turrets with machine guns to use, enemies reach the battleield even on lying cargos, a lot of weapons to pick up, doors to hack, team tactiques enabled via d pad, combat mechas to deactivate and use against enemies

• The main characters smokes when the helmets opens

• The GIANT spider boss, after being almost destroyed, recomines like a transormer into a humanoid mech with different attacks

• There is a QTE during the boss battle

• The game resembles PN03 in some parts and Mikami himself considers it his spiritual successor

• The tech shown is already absolutely awesome, PRESTIGE to use the term of the reporter

• The amount of things on screen, the stunning detail, and most of all the insane speed displayed on screen, is unbelievable

• The engine is an highly upgraded and modified version of Bayonetta engine

Vanquish releases this winter on PS3.