Firmware 3.1 Adds Diagnostics to PS3


Details continue to come out of the new 3.1 firmware update. In addition to Facebook and more colorful gamercards, this updated has added additional diagnostic features. Error reports can be sent directly to Sony in the event the PlayStation 3 is improperly shut down.

If your PS3 freezes and your are forced to perform a hard reset of your system, you will be prompted with this message next time you turn on your PS3.

PS3-error-report-1 PS3-error-report-2

For users who experience constant freezing, this could help Sony figure out the problem. Likewise, these error reports could help Sony fix more universal problems, such as the PS3 internet browser freezing. It is not clear what exactly is being sent to Sony in these error reports. The disclaimer that pops up does specify that your email address, information about your PSN account, and information about what is stored on your PS3 will be sent to Sony. Hopefully, Sony will continue to be more active in trying to gamers experience on the PS3.