Insomniac Games’ Responds to Growing Criticism


Beginning with the first title in 2002, the series has spanned the PS3, PS2 and PSP, with nine titles in seven years. However, since the latest title released last month, A Crack in Time, there has been growing criticism and concern over developer, Insomniac Games, of milking the franchise. Insomniac Games, who is known to be very open and interactive with their fanbase and community, have been quiet…until now.

Speaking on the latest Full Moon Podcast (the official podcast for Insomniac Games), Community Director, Ryan Schneider, talked about the growing amount of criticisms.

Maybe we’re living in a bubble but people still enjoy the franchise. We have a very hardcore fan base that is very supportive of the title. The fact is we’ve had seven games that we’ve made, not including the two others that High Impact did, that’s nine titles overall. Of the seven that we’ve done, we’re still at a close to an 87 Metacritic right now.

It’s a well regarded franchise. It’s a gamer’s game also I think where, if you are into video games, you’ve been into video games, you appreciate a well-crafted video game, than you know and appreciate what Ratchet’s all about.

Hopefully Schneider’s comments will quell much of the criticism. As the Ratchet and Clank series is still growing strong, and is a staple for the Sony portfolio of games.