Join the Undead in Zombie MMOZ


Zombies are everywhere nowadays, from movies to video games and now coming soon to the MMO market, just one more step towards world domination for the zombies and their legion of undead.

Undead Labs, a new upstart company headed by Jeff Strain is setting up the next big MMO and right now it will be console based, though no consoles have been named.  Jeff Strain most recently worked as the Executive Producer on Guild Wars, an MMO for the PC.  The goal of Undead Labs is to create “the definitive massively multiplayer online zombie game (MMOZ) for console gamers.”

Zombies may seem like they are being overused but who does not love a good zombie game?  We cannot wait to hear more on this ambitious title and once we do the information will be passed along.  You can read the full press release here.