Uncharted 2 Holds the Fort With Upcoming Free Content


Only weeks after Uncharted 2: Among Thieves came out last month, Naughty Dog announced that additional content would be provided before the end of the year. The most surprising part of the announcement is that Naughty Dog ensured that some of the DLC would be provided for free. Tens of thousands of competitive and casual Uncharted 2 online players have been giving feedback and judging by a new announcement today, it looks like Naughty Dog has listened.

Naughty Dog have officially announced free additional content coming to Uncharted 2’s multiplayer within the next few days. First, a new map titled “The Fort” is going to be released which will be available for both competitive playlists and arena playlists. The Fort is a map that is based on the Fortress chapter of the first Uncharted title and features lots of tunnels and cover.

Secondly, Naughty Dog have announced that detailed leaderboards and a player card are coming to Uncharted 2’s multiplayer. The leaderboards will feature all of the important stats including wins, kills, money and more. The ability to compare with friends or look at the top players is all going to be available at launch. The player card will detail all of a player’s stats including money, level and booster setup.

These additions look to really improve the game on all fronts, and players who might have fallen out of the online will definitely have a reason to go back. This additional content will become available within the next few days.