Final Fantasy XIII Summons Import Frenzy


Final Fantasy XIII is swiftly approaching gamers within Japan. Within 2 weeks, one of the biggest titles of all time will launch and it seems gamers are dying to get their hands on the game.

According to an employee from Play-Asia who spoke to UFF, imports of Final Fantasy XII are “The best this Generation”. The Imports of the title is certainly at it’s peak and continues to rise.

The employee continues to say:

Final Fantasy XIII has far outdone the other big Japanese releases this year.

We saw a lot of imports for Bayonetta too – especially after Famitsu’s score – but over the last few weeks FF13 has gone on to outdo that significantly.

The source also says the Japanese version of the title will be region free, making it simple for gamers to import.

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII is due for release in Japan in 2 weeks and the title will see a western release in March 10′. If you can’t bear the wait of playing it next year, then import a copy to be playing it in a fort-night.

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