DICE Annihilate 45 Million Players

December 17, 2009Written by Zak Islam


As the Battlefield Bad Company 2 PS3 edges towards an end, it certainly racked up some impressive stats. The BFBC2 team have and still is very busy reviewing “tons telemetry data, feedback from the community, and implementing it into the final game for an amazing launch this March 2010.”

The Battlefield Bad Company 2 team have released some stats of the exclusive PS3 BFBC2 beta. They are impressive, with DICE being responsible for 45 million deaths, you would think the beta was a massive hit.

Here are the stats from the official Battlefield Blog:

– Total kills = 45.42M

– 9.4M kills from Vehicles

– 3.43M Vehicles Destroyed

– 380K Houses Destroyed

– 1.01M Marksman Headshots

Total number of points awarded = 10 100 094 360

Total number of Revives = 2.52M

– Total Repair Tool kills = 15.58K

– Total Defibrillator Kills = 12.69k

– Total Knife Kills = 1.69M

– Total C4 Kills = 730.81K

The Beta will finish December 21st so make sure to get some more kills, so your skills are still sharp upon the demo’s release.