Qriocity Piqued: Qore-Like Service for the PSP?

Not quite...

Qore, the monthly subscription-based interactive magazine, has been around for a year and a half now. It is exclusive to the PlayStation 3, but could a similar service be prepping on the PlayStation Portable/Go?

A whois lookup of the domain qriocity.com shows that it has been registered by the Sony Corporation. Perhaps this is the name of a service similar to the PlayStation 3’s Qore, but for the PlayStation Portable/Go handheld? Or is it some online portal for the never-commercialized QRIO robot, also by Sony? Let’s hope it is the former, and maybe something even better than Qore. A trademark is also held, and it looks to be some sort of service indeed. The entry “Portable video game machines” may be to just cover a broad area as trademarks often do.