Top 25 Reasons to Stick With Sony


After reading GameDaily’s Top 25 Reasons To Ditch Sony, we felt compelled to offer a rebuttal, including 25 reasons it’s a good idea to stick with Sony and the PlayStation brand.


1.) Innovation

Though at the beginning it hurt Sony by forcing a high price on the PS3, and pushing back the original planned launch date, the PS3 offers “future-proof” cutting edge technology.

2.) 10-Year Plan

The original PlayStation lasted a decade. The PS2 which was released in 2000, is still alive and kicking, with new releases monthly. The PS3 is sure to follow suit, being in it’s 3rd year, and picking up more steam than ever.

3.) PSN is Free Although admittedly, it’s not as robust as Xbox Live, but at the staggering low price of free, the PSN is more than you could hope for.

4.) Blu-Ray

Part of the aforementioned tech that helped fetch a hefty price tag for the PS3 at launch, it’s now the HD format of choice by all HD enthusiasts mainly due to HD-DVD waiving the white flag. On top of its use for High Definition movies, it also offers 25GB (dual-layer offers 50GB) of data storage to allow for bigger, better, uncompressed gaming goodness.

5.) Quality

Sony Electronics is a world leader when it comes to quality. And the PlayStation brand is no different.  Having a low defect rate, in a console generation that is plagued by major defect rates, is quite reassuring when plunking down your hard earned cash.

6.) Best First Party Line-up

This is a matter of opinion in essence, but Sony does offer the most First-Party titles, with the largest variety, ranging from sports with MLB 09: The Show, to shooters with Killzone 2, to the creative LittleBigPlanet, to party-games such as SingStar, and Buzz! Quiz TV.

7.) Controller

Sony’s Dualshock controller is tried and true. What gamer hasn’t held a Dualshock in their hands at least once in their lives? The comfort, the straight forward button layout, the inclusion of SIXAXIS motion technology (which sadly has never been used to its full potential) all make the Dualshock 3 the best controller on the market.

8.) Trophies

Rather than giving a score, PS3 owners are awarded trophies. The easy to understand system offers a easier way to compete amongst fellow gamers. The bronze, silver, gold system has been used for centuries, for everything including the Olympics. Throwing the Platinum in the mix for the sake of acknowledging full completion of all other trophies is a nice finishing touch to the tried and true system.

9.) Video Store

While it doesn’t offer as robust line-up as Netflix, the PS Video Store offers Movies, and TV Shows, in HD and SD, for rent or purchase. Most hot movies are released the same week of their retail counterparts.

10.) Frequency of Updates

Rather than Sony holding back updates to make each one appear to be more massive, we get firmware updates often, allowing us to have the most functional console possible.