DJ David Guetta Confirms Work On DJ Hero 2

French DJ David Guetta has been ramping up in popularity lately. Between doing great work on songs by Akon, the Black Eyed Peas and a Deep Dish remix, Guetta also produced some nice mixes as DLC for DJ Hero.  Website interviewed him lately, and he revealed something interesting DJ Hero fans may want to hear.

From David Guetta’s own lips:

“I think it’s amazing, this game, and I’m going to work on the No. 2 version…It’s a really crazy game. After 10 minutes, you get the rush that a DJ gets after 10 years of practising. I have fun with it, but you know what? I can’t go to the maximum level. It’s too difficult for me. It’s crazy.”

So it looks like DJ Hero has done well enough that Activision is warranting a sequel be made. This comes as good news no doubt for anyone who coughed up the $120 (or $200 if you nabbed the Renegade Edition) for this great ‘spinoff’ of the Guitar Hero series. What could the sequel feature? It is anyone’s guess at this point but at least we know it exists. Stay with PlayStation LifeStyle for this and more developing stories.