Dissidia Final Fantasy May Be Taking the Fight to New Turf

Are you a big fan of all things Final Fantasy? Wanted to play Dissidia Final Fantasy but didn’t own a PSP or just didn’t want to play it on a tiny screen? Well you might just be in luck. The ultimate Final Fantasy fighting game could be making it’s way to other platforms, and we don’t mean another handheld…

According to an image spotted by a sharp-eyed reader of The BitBag, in a recent Japanese publication (it’s unclear whether it was Famitsu or another Japanese game magazine) Dissidia Final Fantasy is listed as being for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Square Enix is known for milking every last drop out of a game or franchise so this shouldn’t be a shock. Another scenario could be that this was just a misprint. Either way color us intrigued. Check out the suspect image below.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated, if the game is officially revealed.