CES 2010: More PS3 Games Demoed in 3D

There is no doubt that Sony is 3D’s biggest supporter, bringing 3D to Blu-Ray, HDTVs, and even the PlayStation 3. Sony had demoed games in 3D (WipEout HD, GT5: Prologue) as far back as last year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. During this year’s CES, Sony demonstrated even more PS3 games in 3D including some of the consoles most well-known titles.

At the still on-going Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sony is showing off their 3D technology they plan on bringing to the PlayStation 3 some time in 2010. On the show floor Sony has a fully 3D capable PS3 available, loaded with some of the consoles biggest games.

One game being demonstrated is Super Stardust HD which was first shown as a clip during the Sony CES press conference, but is also available on the show floor. The dual-stick shooter stands out in 3D because of its crisp-visuals and utter chaos happening on screen. The added depth doesn’t add to the gameplay, but it sure does look stunning.

However, Gran Turismo 3D was demoed as well, and the added depth does help the gameplay feel more “realistic”, it gives you a much better sensation of distance when you approach other cars on the track. Also the cockpit view in 3D was something to be marveled, as the depth brings unmatched realism to the already hyper-realistic racing sim.

Lastly, Avatar the video game was available in 3D and is among the first 3D games to arrive at retail, though it certainly doesn’t have the same effects the game’s cinema counterpart offers.

3D is the future on all fronts including gaming. Thanks to Sony and the PS3, gamers will get to experience this amazing technology in their homes some time in 2010 via a firmware update to the PS3. Are you ready for 3D?