PS3’s 3D Future Detailed

With the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas debuting all forms of new technologies and cutting edge electronics, 3D imagery has become the main focus point for industry giants such as Sony, Samsung and Toshiba. Sony has positioned itself at the forefront of the 3D market, aiming to become the undisputed global leader in the sector bringing numerous 3D products to market over the course of the year. The multinational corporation also plans to use the PlayStation 3 as a vital foothold into the new market through firmware updates that will enable its 3D functionality.

At CES, Kaz Hirai, Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, announced that the PS3 will become fully 3D compatible later this year. There will be two firmware updates at some point in 2010, the first of which will add 3D Stereoscopic Gaming functionality to the PS3 and the second will add 3D Stereoscopic Movie functionality. With many 3D products costing far more than the average person’s salary it is reassuring to know that PlayStation owners will be receiving a 3D movie player and a 3D gaming machine for free.

What do you think of Sony’s 3D push?