Borderlands Game Issues Destroyed by 1.20

Gearbox Software’s Borderlands released only a few months ago and was quickly met with positive acclaim. However, several issues including bugs and glitches have persisted in the game even after patches. Thankfully, Gearbox Software has fixes for several problems within a new game update.

The version 1.20 patch has officially been released for the PlayStation 3 version of Borderlands. The new patch fixes a variety of problems including the loss of character data after playing on the online network. The patch unfortunately clocks in at 190mb, but the issues that have been resolved make it well worth it.

The 1.20 patch fixes the following:

• Characters that have lost skill points will have them returned the next time they are loaded

• Most instances involving character data loss when playing online should no longer occur

• Item cards now display the intended five lines of text

• Achievements should now unlock properly.

• Players should automatically receive achievements that did not unlock correctly

• Fixed a progression issue in the Find Steele mission – characters affected by this issue should now be able to continue progressing

• Some issues involving external data manipulation of the backpack and character level have been addressed

• The auto-aim option should now fully disable auto-aim properly

• Fixed a bug that kept challenges and achievements from unlocking for the rest of a session after visiting arenas

• Fixed some formatting issues with the server list screen.

• Fixed an issue causing servers

to report the incorrect plot mission.

• Proficiency progress to the next level should no longer be lost when leaving a multiplayer game as a client

• Lilith’s “Silent Resolve” skill now works as intended

• Fixed a bug that allowed Mordecai to spawn multiple Bloodwings

• Mordecai’s “Loaded” skill now increases mag capacity by 20%

• Roland’s “Scattershot” skill has had its spread adjustment corrected, and damage now increases at +5 per level

Borderlands is a multiplatform first-person shooter RPG. Be sure to check out the recently released DLC packs which include new missions, trophies and more.