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Hexyz Force Brings 2 Stories to the PSP

Atlus has been a pretty steady contributor to the stellar lineup of PSP RPGs, and that lineup just got a little bit bigger with the announcement that Atlus U.S.A. will be bringing Hexyz Force to the PSP in North America.

Set to be one of the deepest narrative experiences on the PSP, Hexyz Force gives players two different campaigns to be completed.  Both are full stories that show two radically different sides of a story.  Each campaign looks to take around 25+ hours to complete, giving players a 50+ hour experience for the price of a single PSP game.  With the announcement of the game, Atlus U.S.A. has released this teaser trailer below.


Hexyz Force may be the next hit from Atlus. Do you plan on taking the journey? For more information on the game check out the official website.