The Wait for Gran Turismo 5 is Almost Over

It has been five years since the last full Gran Turismo title on a major platform, and five years of anticipation for Gran Turismo fans. Gran Turismo 5 has had one of the most elongated development processes in videogame history, and in return car enthusiasts worldwide have had to suffer through a drought of pristine car simulation titles. Thankfully, the wait is almost over as Gran Turismo 5 is set to release in the coming months.

An unofficial trailer to pay tribute to the 5-year development process of Gran Turismo 5 has been created by YouTube user paskowitz. The trailer merges intense audio with prototype, ingame footage and trailer footage to create a beautiful homage to one of the most anticipated titles of this generation. With roughly 2 months to go until official Japanese release, the wait is almost over.

Check out the unofficial Gran Turismo 5 – The Wait Is Over Trailer created by paskowitz below: