PSP2 Concept Has Curves in All the Right Places

There is no denying it, Sony makes some sexy, stylish electronics. The PSP and the PSPgo are no exception. However this artist’s concept rendition of the PSP2 rivals anything Sony could have dreamed up themselves.

The PSP’s design was just updated with the PSPgo, but designer Tai Chiem is already thinking of the PSP’s next make over with his concept of the PSP2. Featuring a flexible OLED that can be rolled around the actual PSP unit itself for maximum portability, stereo speakers on either side, a jog wheel, dual analog sticks and more. The unit powers on sending an electric charge to the display stiffening the 3mm thick flexible OLED screen, perfect for gaming on the go.

Words can’t do this concept justice, so check out the images below (Click on thumbnail for full size):