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NGP aka PSP2 Officially Announced at PlayStation Meeting

It’s been a long time and a large haul of rumors in the making, but tonight during Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation Meeting in Tokyo, Japan, the successor to the PSP, the NGP or Next Generation Portable, has been officially announced.

The PSP has been running out of steam as of late, smartphones have gobbled up a whopping chunk of the mobile gaming market, and the Nintendo 3DS is generating a lot of buzz with its glasses-free 3D screen and teeming launch line-up. All of that is the case no more – or so Sony hopes – as the NGP has been announced and is packing a breadth of cutting-edge tech.

Specifications and additional details such as pricing, launch date, etc. is still coming in, and we’ll be sure to update when everything has come to light. We’ll also update when and if pictures become available.

Stay tuned!