Super Stardust Revitalizes with 3D

One of the most popular PlayStation Network titles of recent years has been Housemarque’s PS3 exclusive Super Stardust HD. With outstanding review scores across the board as well as a low price of only $9.99, Super Stardust HD has remained one of the top downloaded PSN titles for years now. With the recent announcement of 3D compatibility with the title, Super Stardust HD looks to increase its popularity in the coming months.

During the past week, it was revealed that Super Stardust HD will be patched to provide 3D technology compatibility. When the demonstration was given at the recent CES 2010, many were surprised at how well the technology ran while in full 720p. During an interview with Seppo Halonen from the Super Stardust HD team, Halonen explained the following:

We render two full-resolution 720p frames with identical content compared to standard mode. Doubling the rendering is quite a challenge in itself to begin with, and we are happy with current 720p 60FPS stereo mode.

While 1080p isn’t supported, the ability to render in 720p at 60fps with 3D technology is an achievement in and of itself. The forthcoming patch has not been dated, but will be released sometime this year. For now, be sure to check out Sony’s plans for 3D technology and look for the development of 3D technology in the coming months.