Zipper Launches MAG Tournament, Awards Team Players

With just two weeks left until we can all immerse ourselves in what many hope will be the game to fill the first-person tactical online shooter void currently plaguing the PS3, Zipper isn’t passing up any chances to generate the amount of buzz it needs to both move units and satisfy countless expectations.

Starting January 14th and ending on the 22nd, Zipper will be hosting an online tournament using the current beta build of the game. Players will be ranked based on the amount of experience points earned throughout the course of the event. No surprise there, however what makes this tournament slightly different than others is the emphasis placed on teamwork. Rather than promoting a lone-wolf type of strategy, Zipper specifically advises that you’ll “have to be a good teammate to truly rack up massive XP and gain the levels needed to be the top player!”; a foreshadow of what Zipper intends for the game’s future once it’s unleashed to the masses. The grand prize winner will receive a brand spanking new home theatre setup courtesy of Samsung Sony, along with a developer signed copy of MAG. If you’re not quite the soldier you thought you’d be, don’t fret as ten runner-ups will also nab an autographed copy of MAG…a few of which will undoubtedly end up on Ebay…where we will then furiously bid for ownership. Ahem, anyway, registration ends at midnight on January 12th, so if you haven’t signed up already, get to it!